Tiger Woods To Make An Appearance On The Tonight Show

The golfing superstar- Tiger Woods is going to make an appearance on the Tonight Show along with the rising star- Rory Mcilroy on the 18th of August, 2014 (Monday). They both are also going to make an appearance for Nike at the Liberty National (New Jersey) on the same day.

Surprisingly both the golf players are moving in different directions. Rory Mcilroy is at the peak of his golfing career as he has won his 4th major championship by winning the PGA Championship on Sunday (10th of August, 2014). On the other hand, Tiger Woods is struggling in his career because of injuries and personal problems.

Both of them became friends some years back when they had got the opportunity to compete against each other on the golf course. Mcilroy and Woods are often compared to each other and people are predicting that Mcilroy might be the apparent heir to Woods in the near future.

The Tonight Show is a show hosted by the golf enthusiast- Jimmy Fallon who had recently made fun of many of the golf players participating in the PGA Championships including Mcilroy and Woods on his show. Fallon has also been featured on the cover of Golf Digest.

This is the second time that Tiger Woods is going to be a part of the Tonight Show. Rory Mcilroy however is going to be a part of the show for the very first time.

Some possible things that might be discussed in the Tonight Show on Monday are: It seems golf does not need Tiger Woods anymore, the chaotic end of the tournament at Valhalla golf club, Rory’s work out regime compared to Woods’ work out regime, Woods future plans and so on.

Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the joint appearance of Mcilroy and Woods on the Tonight Show.

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