Big Cat

The Tiger Woods "big dog" meme has officially taken over the Internet

December 21, 2023

Tiger Woods is no stranger to Internet stardom. He's the most famous golfer in the history of the planet. He's had incidents and accidents. He's a never-ending comeback story, a 24/7 quote factory and once went on TRL with frosted tips. The guy just gets attention. It's what he does.

But this is different.

For all Woods' various peaks and valleys over the years, he's never (and we mean NEVER) experienced a viral groundswell like this week, when he became an honest-to-goodness, even-non-golfers-are-tweeting-it meme thanks to one simple tap of the send button from No Laying Up.

That tweet, featuring a screengshot pulled from last weekend's PNC Championship, was seen over seven millions times by Thursday morning. It started a drip that became a trickle that became a river that blasted the dam wide open and went roaring straight for the center of Twitterville. Suddenly everyone found their own context for it—golf, finance, the holidays, drinking (lots and lots of drinking). One NFL player even used it to campaign for a Pro Bowl vote. The floodgates weren't just open, they were and washed away.

That's just the appetizer course. There's plenty more where those came from and we promise by the time this whole thing is over, you'll be sick at the sight of that damn pink shirt. But for now congratulations for Big Cat (or should we say Big Dog?) are in order. It's no 83rd win, but in today's day and age, this is the biggest W you can get.