Your takeaway matters!

Why Nelly Korda works so hard on this tiny detail—and the mistake the rest of us make

December 14, 2023
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ORLANDO — It's always really interesting to see how much pros care about the tiny little details in their golf swings. While the rest of us get sloppy with those details, pros stress and fret over them. Every little crease in their game is ironed out as soon as they see it, before it has tome to settle in.

You could spot Nelly Korda doing it this week at the PNC Championship, where she's playing with her father, Petr. Before their first practice round, watch below to see how Nelly was working hard on honing-in a small but important detail in her golf swing that the rest of us can learn a lot from.

Nelly's Pre-Swing Checkpoint

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You can see in the video below, but before Nelly Starts her swing she makes a tiny little move. It looks like waggle—and it kind of is—but more than anything it's a takeaway check.

Nelly does it before every swing, on the range or course. She does a quick rehearsal of the first few inches of her her golf swing, making sure the clubhead tracks behind the ball and outside her hands. She'll often get her caddy to film it, and then compare it to her own swing, then reset and start again.

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It's become a key checkpoint for Nelly.

Amateurs so often make the mistake of whipping the club inside or outside, flaring the clubface open, and spend the rest of their golf swing undoing a mistake that happens at the very start.

Nelly knows better than the rest of us. If she hits this early checkpoint, it helps get the rest of her swing moving in the right direction. All the dominoes start falling into place from there.