Like Rory, Ian Poulter Was Also Seen at the Texas Open

According to the reports given by his bagman terry Mundy, Ian Poulter had decided to change his usual routine before Augusta and participate in the Valero Texas Open. Poulter did not show up for playing on the week before the masters and if  all of his events are counted then it would be seen that he has participated in only three events and hence he believes that with a little change in routine he would be able to set things right. If he finalizes, ten he would be another big name after Rory McIlroy who has also decided to join the Texas Open because he felt that there had been a lack of practice lately.

But this is not the case with Ian Poulter because he is not that stressed as Rory. Only last year he recovered from pneumonia after a hectic travelling schedule. For that he had to take rest for a long time and after that he had plenty of time for practice. At their presence, even the event organizers of the Texas Open are surprised and delighted. After the announcement of Rory McIlroy went official on Friday, the spokesperson of the tournament marked that day as a ‘Phenomenal Friday’.

On the event day, the 37-year-old golfer had a good start but could not keep up in the second round. Ian Poulter fired a shot which hit 75 and finished 63rd, tied on one-over-par, which fell short of nine shots from what was set by Billy Horschel. According to the twitter tweet, it was quite clear that he was exasperated at his performance “On the range giving myself a talking to. I was utter dog meat today. Absolutely disgraceful off the tee. But I can still win. No mistakes”. On the other hand, Rory did a 5-under in his second round.

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