30 for 30

Family spends day after Christmas notching incredible (and incredibly random) golf milestone

December 28, 2023

How did you spend December 26th this year? Returning gifts? Breaking down cardboard boxes? Sitting in an airport questioning your life decisions? You’re not alone. If this was a category on ‘Family Feud,’ these would be the highest scoring answers. The Wang family, however, took a different road.

Instead of taking the day to rest and recover, the golf-loving family of four logged an incredible (and incredibly random) golf milestone, playing their 30th and final TPC golf course. They are believed to be the first golfers to ever play all 30 TPC courses, but it didn’t come easy. The Wangs began their quest way back in 2007 at TPC Scottsdale and completed it Tuesday at TPC Danzante Bay Golf Resort in Baja, Mexico.


Photo by Villa del Palmar Loreto

While the journey was 16 years in the making, Willy, the family patriarch and a 3 handicap, says it didn’t truly begin until his sons graduated college in 2021, and even then somewhat by accident.

“We decided to take a family trip to the East Coast and play a few TPC courses. It wasn’t until after the trip we realized we had already played 19 TPC courses. After that we decided to finish playing all of them as a family goal.”

The Wangs were met with champagne glasses and a plaque on the 18th hole of TPC Danzante Bay to commemorate their achievement.

So what’s next for the Wangs after conquering the TPC rota? That remains to be seen, but if they’re looking for more unforgettable golf courses to experience as a family, we can certainly help with that.