At the time when the early groups hauled themselves out of bed on day two, only shift wirkers and restless newborns should have been stirring.

However, that time produced some bountiful returns for the players.

Ian Poulter had said later on that the 3:30 am rise and the 5:30am tee-off had been the earliest so far since he became a professional golfer. However, shooting a 68 at four under that early morning could be said to have been worth the effort.

“I love my bed. Someone who’s half-man/half-mattress does not get out of bed at 3:30am to play golf, let alone to go to an airport to get to a tournament. That was a very early morning; I think that the earliest wake-up call I’ve ever had in 17 years on tour,” Poulter said.

“That was a strange little morning call, I think 3:30 alarm call to come out and play golf is a touch on the early side. But it was light, so we could get out there” he added.

Poulter also went on to say that waking up around that time was an unusual feeling and while he didn’t get any jetlag from his flight down from America, he’s already been jetlagged after a tee time.

The early rise time the group had to go by was due to the menacing storms that had halted play on day one. A few groups even went on to dive through to their second round after wrapping up their final first round-holes.

Amongst them was Hall, the Australian Open runner-up, who added a 69 to his opening round of 65 therefore going on to capture the early round despite his bleary eyes.

And just like Poulter, he was ready for a nap in the afternoon so as to preserve his sanity going into the final rounds.

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