Ian Poulter is best England Golfer

Ian Poulter is a professional golfer from England, who is a member of the two major professional golf tours in the world, the US PGA Tour and the European Tour.

The Englishman has had a very unpredictable career as a professional, going on to be ranked as high as number five in the Official Golf World Rankings and then slipping out of the ten as easily. He has won twp World Golf Championship titles so far, the first being the World Golf Championship – Accenture Match Play Championship in 2010, and the second being the World Golf Championship – HSBC Champions in 2012. (more…)

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Ian Poulter Confident on Ryder Cup

The man Ian Poulter might not have won any major event or game but has a record in Ryder Cup that can still out-pass most of the players who have their names up in the hall of fame. Ian has played 15 matches in between 2004 and 2012 out of which he has won 12 matches. He almost has a winning percentage of 80% which the others are not even close to.

Ian has a very different style of his own that is intense on the greens and tees that goes well with the Ryder Cup. There are people namely Jim Furyk who does not approve his style much. He has lately said that Ian tends to excite his team because of his personality which was good in a way but has also mentioned that without naming some players have been violating the whole spirit of Ryder Cup.

He has been pointing out that in the initial days when someone won they would have been together and congratulate them on having played well. But now the winning side just has to go and party as if they were insulting the losing side for having lost. However, Ian has not taken anything too personally. He said that according to him whatever he does is just a portrayal of his usual self and finds nothing wrong in it. He has said that it is just a way how he expresses which has been misinterpreted as being a portrayal of emotion for something that means a lot.

Poulter believes that when playing for the Ryder Cup each and every putt is like winning the tournament and that he loves being a part of the team. He says that he is more of a team player and likes supporting people and when he sees the intensity post match he too finds it awkward.

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