At the time when the early groups hauled themselves out of bed on day two, only shift wirkers and restless newborns should have been stirring.

However, that time produced some bountiful returns for the players.

Ian Poulter had said later on that the 3:30 am rise and the 5:30am tee-off had been the earliest so far since he became a professional golfer. However, shooting a 68 at four under that early morning could be said to have been worth the effort.

“I love my bed. Someone who’s half-man/half-mattress does not get out of bed at 3:30am to play golf, let alone to go to an airport to get to a tournament. That was a very early morning; I think that the earliest wake-up call I’ve ever had in 17 years on tour,” Poulter said.

“That was a strange little morning call, I think 3:30 alarm call to come out and play golf is a touch on the early side. But it was light, so we could get out there” he added.

Ian Poulter And His Comeback

Ian Poulter would be looking to get back his winning streak at the upcoming Sanderson Farms Championship event.

His comeback has been steady even though he now suffers from arthritis in the right foot. He has been absent from the game for four months since the ailment started to take a toll on the health of this forty year old champion. The field for the championship has been weakened and hence Ian has a fair chance of winning.

In the championship, he would be facing Chris Kirk, who is ranked 74 in the world rankings. Ian Poulter would be facing this event after he suffered an injury and was off the game for some time. The break has been for about four months and has been due to an arthritic joint that has turned up in his right foot. This prevented him from being up for the Ryder Cup. He had been one of the vice captains in Darren Clarke’s team and as luck would have it, Europe team suffered a defeat to US team.

Ian Poulter And Golf Shorts

Ian Poulter is not only a pro tee to watch out for his moves on the course, but he has fashion advice to impart to the fellow golfers.

As he and Adidas have come up with a new design of summer golf shorts, it is definitely something that the golfers can look forward to as they look at their summer attire options when out on the course. The Ultimate Short or what it is called is flexible and lightweight. It is comfortable as well, which is what every golfer looks forward to when they are sweating it out in the sun on the grass. Many might be wondering why the players are made to wear long pants when the tournaments are held in the middle of summer. Often the weather is hundred degrees and it definitely gets hot when one needs to be out there for a long time.

Other games do not ask players to wear long pants such as in tennis, football or basketball. Golf should have shorts allowed at every tournament event.

Lee Westwood have to work hard to be European Ryder Cup 2020 captain

Lee Westwood, a probable captain’s pick for this year’s Ryder Cup team of Europe, is already thinking about the future.

A leading sport website reported that Westwood stated that he would like to go on a bit longer. If he put his name in for the captaincy in four years’ time then he could think regarding the seniors after that.

Four years would be 2020 when Ryder Cup goes to the Whistling Straits, site of PGA Championship 2015. But Lee, who has played in the 3rd most Ryder Cups ever for Europe, insists that he has not done competing yet.
He added that his target is to qualify – you just need 1 or 2 good weeks and you are there. If not, he is happy to go along and get some captaincy experience as vice-captain. He has played in 9 Ryder Cups. Therefore, he has got the respect of other golfers. He feels that he really could help the team.

Ian Poulter Engaged In A New Twitter Squabble

English professional golfer Ian Poulter is one of the few who pulled out from the BMW PGA Championship next month. According to Poulter he is not going to compete in the European Tour’s flagship event starting May 21 due to his previous poor performances at Wentworth. Along with Ian Paul Casey, Henrik Stenson and Sergio Garcia also announced their withdrawal from the said competition.

For listing his names among the absentees, Ian faced quite a backlash from his critics. But when it comes to expressing his opinion he is never took the back seat. Poulter twitted that he has been a part of 13 PGA’s at Wentworth, has 1 Top 10 and has 8 MC. He also compared himself with Usain Bolt by saying that Bolt would never compete in a marathon just like he would not compete in Wentworth. Fellow professional Ian Ellis took a part in the debate and said that he has even more embarrassing record but will still be participating in the competition. To which Ian replied that it’s a great tournament but his stats don’t lie and he can’t shovel s*** uphill forever.